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13 posts from June 2013


丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事——A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自深圳丽思卡尔顿酒店的真诚关怀——Genuine Care from The Ritz-CarltonShenzhen

         一天晚上,1205房的Mr.kai和Mr.konstan来到礼宾部,询问主管Joswar 关于酒店附近休闲娱乐的地方。Joswar联系了酒店附近的酒吧和KTV,并把信息打印出来给客人。然而,客人表示,由于不会说中文,他们希望可以有一名酒店服务人员陪他们一起去。“预见并满足客人的需求” 是Joswar来到丽思卡尔顿后的座右铭。Joswar决定安排身边准备下班的Bellman Harvey 陪同客人。Harvey是一个从不对客人说“不”的优秀行李员。他凭借在RC实习一年的经验和较好英语听说能力,带着主管Joswar搜索到的信息,与客人一起前往了莉莉玛莲酒吧,和客人度过了一个开心愉快的中国之夜,为客人创造了一次终身难忘的经历。Mr.kai 退房时对Joswar和Harvey说,下次来中国他们还会选择深圳丽思卡尔顿酒店,因为这里的绅士淑女是最棒的。


It was Apr.9, 2013, when Mr.Kai and Mr. Konstan from Room 1205 came to Concierge counter for help. They told Concierge supervisor Joswar they wanted to enjoy themselves at a bar nearby. Joswar contacted some bars and KTV that were close to our hotel, and printed out the information for the guests’ reference. However, the guests said, they’d rather have one of our Ladies and Gentlemen to go with them since they could not understand Chinese.

Considering that “anticipation and fulfillment of each guest’s needs” was his motto since he joined The Ritz-Carlton, Joswar decided to ask Bellboy Harvey who was going to get off work to go with the guest. Harvey was an excellent bellboy who never said no to the guests. With his one-year internship experience as well as English listening and speaking skills, Harvey went to Lili Marleen Bar with the guests and created a memorable Chinese night for the guests.



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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自吉隆坡丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事——A Career Story of The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

          我是Lew Siew Yoke,在2001年加入吉隆坡丽思卡尔顿酒店,是Li Yen餐厅的服务员。两年之后,为了和男朋友(现在的丈夫)团聚,我要求外部调动到新加坡的丽思卡尔顿酒店的Summer Pavilion餐厅。在新加坡丽思卡尔顿,我先是在Summer Pavilion餐厅工作,后来调到Green House餐厅工作,并被提升为领班。在新加坡工作了四年之后,我决定回到吉隆坡定居。我重新以领班的身份加入Li Yen餐厅,并先后被提升为主管和餐厅副经理。我花费大量的时间在酒店工作,而丽思卡尔顿企业文化中互相关怀互相照顾的部分更是让我在这里有一种家外之家的感觉。有机会去为一位特别的外国客人,Magaret小姐服务,让我感到非常开心。Magaret小姐和她的丈夫是JTI的培训师。我非常喜欢这位客人,我们还成为了亲密的朋友。以下是经理对我的评价:“Siew Yoke是我们酒店的财富。她从基层开始她的职业生涯,目前已经拥有丰富的工作经验。她总是用积极的态度去对待工作,并把她的员工培训得很好。她总是令人愉快的,友好的,并和她的同事建立了很好的关系。”


My name is Lew Siew Yoke. I joined RCKL in 2001 as a server in Li Yen. Two years later, I requested for a transfer to Summer Pavilion of RC Singapore to join my boyfriend (now husband). In RC Singapore, I was initially with Summer Pavilion, then transferred to Green House and later promoted to captain. After working for 4 years in Singapore, I decided to return to Kuala Lumpur to settle down. I rejoined Li Yen as a captain, and was promoted to supervisor and now the Assistant Manager for the restaurant.

The Ritz-Carlton culture of taking care of each other amongst the ladies and gentleman has made me feel at home as I spend most of my time in the hotel. It makes me happy to have the opportunity to serve one particular foreign guest, Ms. Magaret and her husband who is a trainer for JTI. I am so fond of her and we have become close friends. Here is my manager’s comments on me: “Siew Yoke is an asset to the organization. She started her career from the very bottom and now has many years of experience behind her. She adopts a very positive attitude in her work and trains her subordinates well. She is pleasant, friendly and enjoys very close relationships with her colleagues.



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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事——A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自雅加达丽思卡尔顿太古酒店的特别惊喜——Special Surprise from The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place


         了解到这种情况以后,行政楼层接待员Sanny, 值班经理Ronny都想到要给Sinclair先生的双胞胎提供丽思卡尔顿V.I.K (非常重要的小朋友) t恤衫,再附带一张卡片。当Sanny看到精品店里面陈列着两种颜色的t恤衫(蓝色的适合小男孩,粉红色的适合小女孩)的时候,就想到了这个好主意。等到Sinclair先生回到酒店后,Sanny和Ronny便把纪念品送给他。客人感到非常高兴,看起来也很惊喜。他说,他的双胞胎一定也会很开心,因为他们的爸爸带着礼物回家,最特别的是,这份礼物来自于雅加达丽思卡尔顿太古酒店的绅士淑女们。另一方面,Sinclair先生答应给我们寄一张双胞胎的照片。


         “我想要由衷地感谢Sanny和Ronny。 这是我之前承诺寄出的我的双胞胎,Evie和Malcolm穿着他们漂亮的t恤衫的照片。他们看见爸爸从印尼出差回家,都觉得非常高兴。再一次感谢你们在雅加达丽思卡尔顿太古酒店提供的舒适款待。我盼望着在数月之内能够重返你们酒店,并希望这次旅行不会太过匆忙。这次我可能还有时间去水疗中心放松身心呢。"


Upon departure phase on May 3rd, 2013 our guest Mr. Sinclair mentioned that he had really enjoyed the stay at RCPP. It was his first time at RCPP but everything has been so wonderful. However, he mentioned that he had no time to explore Jakarta for the tight schedule of work. After weeks being there, there was limited time left prior to his departure. As he had late flight, he told us that he would go to the shopping mall to check if there was something he could bring home for his 5-year-old twins.

 Acknowledging this, Sanny, Club Concierge, and Ronny, Duty Manager jumped into the idea of providing The Ritz-Carlton V.I.K (Very Important Kids) T-shirts as souvenir for the twins together with a card. This idea came out automatically when Sanny saw two different colors of T-shirt displaying at our Logo Shop (blue for the boy and pink for the girl). When the guest came back to hotel, Sanny and Ronny gave the souvenir to him. He was really surprised and looked very happy. He said his twins would be very happy when they find out their daddy comes home with a special gift for them and particularly, it’s from the Ladies & Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. On the other hand, he promised to send us a picture of his twins.

 Two weeks later, Mr. Sinclair sent the photo and said:

 Hi, I would just like to say thanks to Sanny and Ronny and here is a photo as promised of my twins, Evie and Malcolm, in their lovely T-shirts. They are very happy to see Daddy back from his trip to Indonesia. Thanks again for the comfortable stay at your Pacific Place hotel and I hope that I will return within a couple of months and not so busy this time. I might even have time to unwind at the Spa next time.

Thanks & Regards”



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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自三亚丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事——A Career Story of The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya


Picture 963_副本

My name is Joanna. I joined The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya as a Loss Prevention Coordinator in September 2010. After six months, I was promoted to Administrative Assistant to EAM Rooms. Eighteen months later, an opportunity to work in Quality department became available and I was selected to become Quality Analyst in February 2012. Through hard work and dedication, I was then promoted to Assistant Quality Manager in September 2012. I love the company culture and philosophy. Ladies & Gentlemen are empowered to make their own decision and contribute in any way they can. Also, there are continuous learning opportunities which I truly cherish. I am happy when I interact and engage with our guests and Ladies & Gentlemen and make them loyal to Ritz-Carlton. Here is my manager’s comment on me: “Joanna is a dynamic and passionate individual who thrives on effective communication and getting people together to achieve a goal. She is our Gold Standards champion and a role model for our Ladies & Gentlemen.  




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丽思卡尔顿之社区公益活动故事 - Community Footprints Wow Story from Ritz-Carlton

来自上海浦东丽思卡尔顿酒店的‘慈善义卖会’— Charity Bazaar Sale’ at the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong







Huixin Charity House

The Huixin Charity House is located in Hongkou, Shanghai. It has about 120 children, including infants, kids and teenagers. Some of the children were abandoned by their parents and some are handicapped. They all live in a 3-floor building.

Charity Bazaar Sale

On April 26, 2013, The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, cooperated with 5 students and 2 teachers from Ziluolan Primary Hope School for a Charity Bazaar Sale, as a Community Footprint activity. In this sale, our ladies and gentlemen generously donated their personal items, including books, clothes, toys, DVDs, cosmetics, etc. The students and teachers also contributed their love by bringing DIY bookmarks and clip drawings and assisting us with the Sale.

The Bazaar Sale started at 1:00pm. Our ladies and gentlemen came to the sale stands in succession. The students’ stand was the most popular one. Boys and girls walked around to promote their art pieces. Owing to their efforts, the beautiful hand-made bookmarks and clip drawings were all sold out. When the Bazaar Sale ended at 4:00pm, we sold 60% of our donation items. Thanks to the support of our L&G and students and teachers from Ziluolan Primary Hope School, we finally collected 2500 RMB. On May 24, 2013, we bought some food and other things the children at Huixin Charity House need with the money we collected.

In this Charity Bazaar Sale, we are glad to see that the students who we have helped are now contributing love to others by themselves. The Community Footprint really helps to make our community a better place and also teaches others to do the same.

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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事——A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自首尔丽思卡尔顿酒店的真诚关怀——Genuine Care from The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

       一天晚上,一位住店的日本客人向前台接待Elijah Hong先生询问是否有接收到他的一个快递邮件。在与客人的谈话中,Hong先生发现,客人这次来韩国是为了观看一个韩国歌手(Super Junior)的演唱会。客人在来韩国之前已经在网上通过一个私人售票者(非正常售票渠道)购买了演唱会门票,该售票者还承诺会在演唱会开始那天之前把票寄到酒店。问题在于,客人目前已经无法联系到当时的售票者了。由于当时已经是晚上,Hong先生想,当务之急是安抚客人的心情。于是,他承诺会在第二天再为客人检查快递的邮件,并告诉客人,即使没收到邮件,也会想别的办法买到演唱会的票。






         您好,我是曾经入住首尔丽思卡尔顿酒店的Hamada。我真心感激Hong先生为我准备的Super Junior演唱会的门票。我可以亲眼见到歌手,并在舞台前和他握手。那是一段很愉快的经历。此外,非常感谢你们在我回来之后为我准备在房间的水果和葡萄酒。由于你们的支持和帮助,我在这里的入住体验非常愉快。我永远也不会忘记在这里,韩国,的经历。我会在不久的将来再到韩国游玩,届时肯定会选择丽思卡尔顿酒店!


One evening, a Japanese guest staying at the hotel made an inquiry to Front desk agent Mr. Elijah Hong about a mail. During their conversation, Mr. Hong learned that the guest was visiting Korea to attend a concert of a Korean singer (Super Junior). The guest had bought the ticket on-line before traveling to Seoul from a private seller (not a regular sales channel) who had promised to send the ticket by mail to the hotel before the day of the concert. However, the guest was now unable to contact the on-line seller. Since it was already late at night, Mr. Hong thought that the most important thing to do for the time being was to put the guest at ease. He promised to check the mail the next day and contact the guest again. He also told the guest that he would find another way to buy a ticket for the concert.

He checked all the channels of buying ticket and contacted the private seller at the same time. However, it was proved to be a classic internet fraud. He couldn’t tell the guest the truth as he had traveled all the way to a foreign country only for this concert. Mr. Hong continued to search on-line for tickets and found out the fact that except for VIP ones, all tickets have been sold out. After more searching on line, Mr. Hong found someone who was trying to sell a free VIP invitation to the concert. He tried to contact the guest as quickly as possible in order to recommend the ticket for him, but was unable to reach him. Considering that the ticket would be sold soon and that there was no time to wait until he could contact the guest, Mr. Hong did not hesitate to meet the seller himself and bought the ticket using his own money for the guest.

Mr. Hong reached the guest by mobile phone with this great news as soon as he got back to the hotel. However, the guest had managed to contact the original on-line private seller and had gone to the concert venue to pick up the ticket. When he left the VIP ticket in the guest's room as souvenir, the guest contacted him urgently, saying that the original seller had not showed up at the concert venue. Therefore, she was planning to come back to the hotel to pick up the ticket Mr. Hong had bought for her. As soon as Mr. Hong heard that situation, he went to the concert venue to give the guest the ticket by hand. Finally, he met the guest just before the concert started and guided her to enter the concert without any explanation because of the starting time.

When the concert finished, the guest came back to hotel and tried to find Mr. Hong first to express her appreciation. She said the seat was greater than she expected, and she would never forget this experience in Korea. After Mr. Hong’s explanation of the whole thing, the ticket was given to the guest who had spent such a stressful day in a foreign country, as a gift. She thanked Mr. Hong again and again, saying that she was really impressed by what he had done for her. Mr. Hong communicated with duty manager, Mr. Jarome Lee, and arranged to provide a fruit basket for the guest who had experienced such a frightening day.

The next day, the guest came down again to express appreciation to Mr. Hong as well as other ladies and gentlemen of the hotel for showing her genuine care and comfort, and fulfilling her unexpressed needs. She could not only get pleasure from the concert but also from warm service by the ladies and gentleman in The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul. She also said that The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul is the best hotel she had ever stayed and she will choose The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul would be her first choice.

[Letter from the guest]

Hello, I am Hamada who stayed at The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul. I really appreciate that Mr. Hong present the concert ticket of Super Junior for me. I could meet the singer and hold his hand in front of stage. It was happy time for me. Also thank you for preparing the fruit and wine when I came back to the room. It was really pleasant stay because of your support and help. I never forget this experience in here, Korea. I will visit again in near future and definitely choose this hotel!



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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自吉隆坡丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事——A Career Story of The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

我是Wong Pei Wen,这是我第三年加入吉隆坡丽思卡尔顿酒店。我很幸运,因为在这里,有很好的领导去培养我。来到这里的前三个月,我都在凯撒餐厅工作,是餐厅的管家。从那时候开始我就爱上了这份工作,并和客人有越来越多的交流。带着一种尝试的心态,我申请了贴身管家的职位。我对于成为贴身管家的热情加强了我在为客人带来惊喜时的创造力。在丽思卡尔顿,我们有不断学习和成长的机会,因此,后来我就被任命为助理客房部经理。丽思卡尔顿是众人眼中的奢华品牌,因最好的服务和文化而闻名于酒店行业。我相信这家公司总是会以任何方式去为绅士淑女们投资,让他们不断成长。绅士淑女们的热情也启发着我去成为一名优秀的酒店人。在这里工作,最开心的时刻来自于客人的赞扬。有一次,一对夫妇来到我们酒店欢度蜜月,我为他们做了一张卡片,找了很多绅士淑女在上面留下祝福。后来,客人写信给总经理,表扬我对工作的热情以及对他们的真诚关怀。我的经理室这样评价我的:“Pei Wen尊重她的同事们,并公平地对待他们。她总是很享受同事们之间的友谊,坦诚地和大家探讨内心的想法,并和大家一起努力去达到目标。Pei Wen是一个能够兑现承诺的人,也因此而赢得了大家的尊重。”


My name is Wong Pei Wen. This is my third year with the Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur. I was always lucky that I had caliber leaders to groom my talent in this company. I started as a dining butler in Cesar restaurant for the first 3 months and I started to love my job so much that I grew to be closer to our guests. By trying my luck, I applied for the butler position. My passion for being a butler had enhanced my creativity to “wow” our guests in making hand craft for them. The opportunity to learn and grow in Ritz Carlton continues whereby I was appointed by my leader to hold the responsibility of Assistant Housekeeping Manager.

The Ritz-Carlton is a notable luxury hotel, well-known as a hotel of top service excellence and culture in this hospitality industry. I believe that this company is always willing to invest in any way to groom their ladies and gentlemen. Their passion in the industry inspires me to be one of the best hoteliers.

The happiest moment was when I got a very sweet comment from my guest who had a one night stay. They were celebrating their honeymoon and I made them a card with the signatures and wishes from our ladies and gentlemen. The beautiful couple was so happy and they sent a letter of compliments to the General Manager.

Here’s my manager’s comment on me: “Pei Wen respects her fellow colleagues and treats them fairly. She enjoy their friendship, explores thoughts about one another candidly, works together to achieve the common goal. Pei Wen is a leader who wins the respect of others as she can deliver on her promises.”


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丽思卡尔顿之社区公益活动故事 - Community Footprints Wow Story from Ritz-Carlton

来自上海浦东丽思卡尔顿酒店的‘母亲节感恩活动’— The Mother’s Day’ at the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong






RCPD 1_副本
In the bumpy journey of life, who gives you the most sincere and warm care; who always gives you selfless dedication; who tirelessly teaches you the hard lessons of life; who worries about you day and night? Mothers. Maternal love is selfless and eternal. You can’t find a mom who doesn’t love her child. Anyway, mother is the most important person in our lives.

This year, as the Mother’s Day approaching, The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong organized a Mother’s Day celebration activity, Love of Carnation. We invited the mothers and family members of disabled employees to come to hotel. The ladies and gentlemen from green house taught them to arrange flowers. We expressed our love through the beautiful carnation.

On May 10, 2013, we invited six couples of our ladies and gentlemen and their family members. They all listened to the teachers attentively and decorated their flowers carefully. After finishing the first task, we invited every couple on the stage to give the flower to mothers or family members and express their love in words. On this special day, they hugged each other and showed their gratitude. Because of love, they are not influenced by the physical problem and they can also enjoy the beauty of life. Everyone was moved by the sincere appreciations. Then, with the help of teachers, the family couples each decorated a flower basket. We took photos of them to help them remember the sweet moment.

After the activity, we invited our ladies and gentlemen and their family members to have a hotel tour. Our colleagues gave them warm greetings and showed them around.

This activity provided our disabled employees with an opportunity to express their love and gratitude to their family members. We are happy to share the sweet moment with them and take care of them. We hope that we can pass love and warmth to all the ladies and gentlemen.

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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自雅加达太古丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事——A Career Story of The Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta, Pacific Place

         我是Dianida Kusuma Astuti,于2007年开始我在雅加达太古酒店的职业生涯,那时候是太平洋餐厅酒廊的服务员。不久之后,我先后被提升为餐厅领班和主管。去年,我调到行政酒廊工作,成为了行政楼层主管。目前,作为行政楼层副经理,我仍然很高兴地在为我们的客人服务。我非常喜欢与客人的每一次交流。如果我们需要为客人多走一步,我是非常乐意的。幸运的是,和其他酒店相比,丽思卡尔顿有着和我一样的对服务的满腔热情。我的团队和我有着一样的价值观,这是我在丽思卡尔顿最快乐的事。每次当我收到客人的好评,也会让我非常快乐,因为这都离不开我们团队的共同努力。经理对我的评价是:“Dian是一个值得信赖的人。如果我们安排她去做一件事情,我可以保证她会给出超越我们期望的结果。”她实实在在地通过成为对客服务中最重要的财富来实践我们的员工承诺。”


My name is Dianida Kusuma Astuti. I first started my journey at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place in 2007 as a waitress in Pacific Restaurant & Lounge. I was then promoted to Restaurant Captain and to Restaurant Supervisor not long after that. Last year I transferred to RC Club as a Club Service Supervisor. And today I am still gladly assisting our guests as a Club Service Assistant Manager. I really love each interaction with our guests. If going extra mile is needed, I would not mind doing it. Fortunately, The Ritz-Carlton shares my passion for providing service excellence compared to others. Having the team that shares the same vision and mission as me is the happiest thing for me working at The Ritz-Carlton. Every time we receive good feedbacks from guests, I was happy as well because it would be impossible if my team do not give out all the best. Here is my manager’s comment on me: “Dian has always been someone we can rely on. If we ask her to do one thing, I can guarantee she will be back with a result that is beyond your expectation. She truly enlivens our Employee Promise through being the most important asset in our service commitment to our guests.”



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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事——A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自三亚丽思卡尔顿酒店的团队合作——Perfect Teamwork from The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya

       月初,潘太太在三亚丽思卡尔顿度过了一个完美的假期。离店的那天早上, 她发现她的香奈儿的钱包不见了,里面有20多张银行卡,支票和其他贵重物品。她想起前一天晚上她还带着包包去了海边餐厅,于是立刻去到了海边餐厅寻求帮助。防损部主管Gary Wang接到报告后即刻赶到了现场开始了侦查。可是,当时并没有找到。潘太太很失落,但是由于航班的原因不得不带着遗憾离开。Gary感受到了客人的失落和钱包的重要性,他将此事上报给防损部总监William Wang。 William和另外一位防损部主管Owen加入到侦查小组,一起回顾了所有的细节,并采取了一些比较特殊的调查方法。功夫不负有心人,经过好几个小时的寻找,一个黑色的香奈儿包在海边餐厅的绿化带里被发现了。当潘太太接到电话,被告知钱包已找到,而且所有的东西都在里面时,潘太太欣喜若狂,当即让她的儿子飞到三亚取包并赠送一面锦旗表示感谢:“心如发丝细,破案有神功。”


Early this month, Mrs Pan came to stay with us at The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya. Everything went well until the morning of her departure when she realized that her Chanel wallet was missing. She became worried as there were 20 bank cards, personal check and other valuables in it.

She went back to Sand Beach Restaurant where she had dinner the night before and reported it to restaurant supervisor. Loss Prevention Supervisor, Gary Wang, was then informed and immediately went to search inside and outside of the restaurant with the help of the service team. Unfortunately, the wallet could not be found. Mrs. Pan felt sad, had no choice but to leave the hotel.

Knowing how valuable and important the wallet is for Mrs. Pan, Gary then enlisted the help of DOLP, William Wang and another LP Supervisor Owen Li to analyze the case. William thought that the wallet could have been left in sands surrounding the beach front restaurant. After hours of searching, the wallet was found buried in the sands near one of the restaurant’s pavilions.

Mrs. Pan was excited when William told him that her Chanel wallet had been found and all things within the wallet were safe. She immediately asked her son to fly to collect her valuable wallet in Sanya. Mrs. Pan’s son expressed his gratitude on behalf of his mother. He also brought along a personalized silk banner from his mother to William as an appreciation for finding the missing wallet. He mentioned that his mother is so happy that she will only stay at The Ritz-Carlton when she comes to Sanya. 

The silk banner reads as follows: To the Loss Prevention Team of The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya. Your dedication and attention to details created its magic. (Your delighted guest. Mrs Pan)

First class to William and his team for resolving a guest’s problem and making Ritz-Carlton guest for life.



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