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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自首尔丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事——A Career Story of The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

我是Jake, 我加入酒店的时候是一名仓管员。在客房部工作期间,我得到内部跳转的机会,转到宾客服务部,并在两年之后成为了值班经理。又过了一年,我成为了宾客服务经理,也就是我现在的职位。激发我一直在丽思卡尔顿工作的灵感,来自于我的经理,一个经常给我反馈,告诉我该如何做好一件事的人。她帮助我改正缺点,并一直在鼓励我。目前,我的主要角色是解决客人问题。因此,我总是努力地照顾好客人,从而最大限度地创造客人满意度,并让客人的不满降到最低程度,最终让丽思卡尔顿成为他们的第一选择。除此之外,和客人维持亲密的关系也让我非常快乐。以下是我的经理对我的评价:“Jake是首尔丽思卡尔顿酒店的财富,他的才能是无限的。作为一个领导,他用他的忠诚和真诚带领着团队不断前进。此外,他总是能够很好地实践黄金标准。这就是绅士淑女视他为榜样的原因!”


My name is Jake. I joined this hotel as a houseman. While working in the housekeeping department, I had an opportunity to learn many things such as room inspection. I transferred to guest services and became duty manager after a couple of years. One year later, I became a guest service manager which is my current position. My inspiration working at The Ritz-Carlton is that my manager always gave me feedbacks on how it works. He helped me change my disadvantages and he always cheered me up. My main role is to solve guest problems. Therefore, I try to take care of our guests so as to create maximum satisfaction for them with minimal discomfort, making The Ritz-Carlton their first choice eventually. And, to sustain a long intimate relationship with the guests makes me happy. Here is my manager’s comment on me: “Jake is an asset to The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul and his talent is infinite. As a leader, he leads his team with his faithfulness and sincerity. Also, he always enlivens Gold Standards. That is why Ladies and Gentlemen respect him as a role model!”


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