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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自雅加达太古丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事——A Career Story of The Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta, Pacific Place

         我是Dianida Kusuma Astuti,于2007年开始我在雅加达太古酒店的职业生涯,那时候是太平洋餐厅酒廊的服务员。不久之后,我先后被提升为餐厅领班和主管。去年,我调到行政酒廊工作,成为了行政楼层主管。目前,作为行政楼层副经理,我仍然很高兴地在为我们的客人服务。我非常喜欢与客人的每一次交流。如果我们需要为客人多走一步,我是非常乐意的。幸运的是,和其他酒店相比,丽思卡尔顿有着和我一样的对服务的满腔热情。我的团队和我有着一样的价值观,这是我在丽思卡尔顿最快乐的事。每次当我收到客人的好评,也会让我非常快乐,因为这都离不开我们团队的共同努力。经理对我的评价是:“Dian是一个值得信赖的人。如果我们安排她去做一件事情,我可以保证她会给出超越我们期望的结果。”她实实在在地通过成为对客服务中最重要的财富来实践我们的员工承诺。”


My name is Dianida Kusuma Astuti. I first started my journey at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place in 2007 as a waitress in Pacific Restaurant & Lounge. I was then promoted to Restaurant Captain and to Restaurant Supervisor not long after that. Last year I transferred to RC Club as a Club Service Supervisor. And today I am still gladly assisting our guests as a Club Service Assistant Manager. I really love each interaction with our guests. If going extra mile is needed, I would not mind doing it. Fortunately, The Ritz-Carlton shares my passion for providing service excellence compared to others. Having the team that shares the same vision and mission as me is the happiest thing for me working at The Ritz-Carlton. Every time we receive good feedbacks from guests, I was happy as well because it would be impossible if my team do not give out all the best. Here is my manager’s comment on me: “Dian has always been someone we can rely on. If we ask her to do one thing, I can guarantee she will be back with a result that is beyond your expectation. She truly enlivens our Employee Promise through being the most important asset in our service commitment to our guests.”




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