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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事——A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自深圳丽思卡尔顿酒店的团队合作——Perfect Teamwork from The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen

       4月11日晚22:30 分,酒店4楼中厨房设备的总电源开关跳闸。值班工程师William与电工Leon马上前往现场检查,确认为400A的电源开关故障,因此不能复位送电。这组开关管理整个4楼厨房设备的用电,如果不及时更换将会导致4楼厨房所有冰箱里面的物品变质,海鲜池的海鲜会缺氧而死,而洗碗机,抽风机等设备都不能工作。当时的情况非常紧急,值班工程师组织当班员工抢修的同时,紧急安排了冰箱内贵重物品的转移,同时联系海鲜池的承包商安置海鲜,并马上向工程部总监刘工作了汇报。当时,已经下班的强电工程师段仕书,强电主管刘星,技工陈境辉以及空调主管周光强收到消息后,立即打车赶回酒店,与当班的同事一起参与到抢修工作中。经过大家的同心协力,在23:50分,成功更换了电源开关,顺利恢复了供电,保证了厨房设备的正常运行,而厨房冰箱的食物与海鲜池的水产品也没有因为停电而损失。


    Picture1On April 11th, 2013, the main power of Chinese kitchen was tripped at 22:30. Duty Engineer William and Electrician Technician Leon checked the problem immediately and found out it was the switch of 400A power supply malfunction that caused the electric transmission’s breakdown. This whole set of switch was the central control of the electricity of the kitchen equipments on 4th floor. If we did not fix it immediately, the food in the fridge would get spoilage and the exhauster and dish-washing machine would breakdown as well. In this emergency situation, Duty Engineer and the Technicians on duty managed to transfer the valuable food in fridge by themselves and contact the supplier to come to provide assistance for Chinese kitchen. At the same time, they reported this emergency issue to DOE. When other engineering team members, Tom Duan, John Liu, Clark Chen and John Zhou heard this issue, they went back to hotel immediately and helped with the repairing despite the fact that they were off duty. After one and half hour, they finally changed the switch and the power supply got back to normal. The Engineering team ensured the operation in Chinese kitchen and reduced lost to a great extent. First class to Engineering Team! They enlivened service value 7: “I create a work environment of teamwork and lateral service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met.”






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