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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事——A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自雅加达丽思卡尔顿太古酒店的特别惊喜——Special Surprise from The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place


         了解到这种情况以后,行政楼层接待员Sanny, 值班经理Ronny都想到要给Sinclair先生的双胞胎提供丽思卡尔顿V.I.K (非常重要的小朋友) t恤衫,再附带一张卡片。当Sanny看到精品店里面陈列着两种颜色的t恤衫(蓝色的适合小男孩,粉红色的适合小女孩)的时候,就想到了这个好主意。等到Sinclair先生回到酒店后,Sanny和Ronny便把纪念品送给他。客人感到非常高兴,看起来也很惊喜。他说,他的双胞胎一定也会很开心,因为他们的爸爸带着礼物回家,最特别的是,这份礼物来自于雅加达丽思卡尔顿太古酒店的绅士淑女们。另一方面,Sinclair先生答应给我们寄一张双胞胎的照片。


         “我想要由衷地感谢Sanny和Ronny。 这是我之前承诺寄出的我的双胞胎,Evie和Malcolm穿着他们漂亮的t恤衫的照片。他们看见爸爸从印尼出差回家,都觉得非常高兴。再一次感谢你们在雅加达丽思卡尔顿太古酒店提供的舒适款待。我盼望着在数月之内能够重返你们酒店,并希望这次旅行不会太过匆忙。这次我可能还有时间去水疗中心放松身心呢。"


Upon departure phase on May 3rd, 2013 our guest Mr. Sinclair mentioned that he had really enjoyed the stay at RCPP. It was his first time at RCPP but everything has been so wonderful. However, he mentioned that he had no time to explore Jakarta for the tight schedule of work. After weeks being there, there was limited time left prior to his departure. As he had late flight, he told us that he would go to the shopping mall to check if there was something he could bring home for his 5-year-old twins.

 Acknowledging this, Sanny, Club Concierge, and Ronny, Duty Manager jumped into the idea of providing The Ritz-Carlton V.I.K (Very Important Kids) T-shirts as souvenir for the twins together with a card. This idea came out automatically when Sanny saw two different colors of T-shirt displaying at our Logo Shop (blue for the boy and pink for the girl). When the guest came back to hotel, Sanny and Ronny gave the souvenir to him. He was really surprised and looked very happy. He said his twins would be very happy when they find out their daddy comes home with a special gift for them and particularly, it’s from the Ladies & Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. On the other hand, he promised to send us a picture of his twins.

 Two weeks later, Mr. Sinclair sent the photo and said:

 Hi, I would just like to say thanks to Sanny and Ronny and here is a photo as promised of my twins, Evie and Malcolm, in their lovely T-shirts. They are very happy to see Daddy back from his trip to Indonesia. Thanks again for the comfortable stay at your Pacific Place hotel and I hope that I will return within a couple of months and not so busy this time. I might even have time to unwind at the Spa next time.

Thanks & Regards”




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I am a coming graduate student from Assumption University on October this year. I was looking for an Internship at 5 star hotels in Bangkok. Hope you give me a chance joins your team. I am looking forward speaking with you.

Thank you!

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