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Renaissance Sanya ambassadors save a dolphin 三亚万丽度假酒店员工救助海豚



酒店总经理Sean Baskett和当地警察在海滩边指挥看顾。这些员工们很快给这只海豚起了个名字:“万丽”,和酒店同名,因为发现这只海豚实实在在体现了万丽酒店的精神“生活在于发现”。



Tuesday 21 May at 1pm ambassadors from Renaissance Sanya found there is a young dolphin became stranded on the Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa beach with the receding tide.

With the poor dolphin beached on the shore the resort recreation team came to a quick rescue and 8 lifeguards Tiger, Katrina, Byron, Jacky, Issca, Max, Carl and Alex spent nearly 5 hours in the wash of the shore break waves taking turns nursing the hurt and exhausted dolphin.

As the General Manager Sean Baskett and the local police watched on the Renaissance ambassadors quickly named the dolphin “Wan Li” which is the Chinese name for Renaissance as the little dolphin certainly has a real sense of “living life to discover”

The Renaissance team contacted many local authorities in an effort to save the dolphin and were supported by the marine bureau who arrived in the early evening to take Wan Li away to receive treatment at the local Boundary Island marine sanctuary.

The rescue received coverage in the Hainan News and both the marine bureau and local fisheries department sent weibo messages appreciating the efforts of the Renaissance ambassadors to save the dolphin.



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