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丽思卡尔顿之社区公益活动故事 - Community Footprints Wow Story from Ritz-Carlton

来自新加坡丽思卡尔顿酒店的‘在丽思的梦想’ —— ‘Wish at the Ritz!’ from the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore


新加坡丽思卡尔顿酒店团队接到这样的请求之后,立即行动起来为Amalina及其家人的入住进行最为完善的准备和安排。丽思卡尔顿的豪华套间专门为Amalina和家人预留好,并且在Make-A-Wish基金会志愿者的帮助下,我们的绅士淑女们将房间布置得非常温馨。送餐部的同事还提前为Amalina一家安排了一桌丰盛的午餐,以确保一家人能享受到更多独处的时光。与此同时,Make-A-Wish基金会还为Amalina一家安排了一次新加坡环球影视城的旅行,在人事经理Joycelyn Koh和培训部经理Vereen Leow的带领下,人力资源部的同事特意为Amalina一家准备了一个包含手执风扇、防晒霜、帽子、矿泉水的物品锦囊,以便一家人在旅行中随身携带。 



同时,酒店方也接到了来自Make-A-Wish基金会首席执行官Karen Fernandez的卡片:

“亲爱的Mark,再一次感谢你让Amalina的愿望充满了美好和魔力。这会是Amalina和家人最最珍贵的记忆。你和你团队充满了才华,并且对于这个家庭每一个细微之处的关注,也表现出了你们的真挚关怀和无私奉献,以及对于他人最真诚的帮助,让他们感受到一份真实的与众不同。我们真心地感谢你们的支持和慷慨。”RC Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore HR Team received a request from Make-A-Wish Foundation requesting to fulfill the wish of 13-year-old girl, Amalina who currently has a brain condition that might potentially be life threatening. Amalina had spent the past 1 year in a hospital and was informed by the doctors that her full recovery cannot be guaranteed. Her wish was to experience a hotel stay with her family which included her parents and 3 brothers.  

The team at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore sprung into action and put together a plan for Amalina and her family’s stay at the hotel. The luxurious Ritz-Carlton Suite was assigned to Amalina and her family. The team decorated the room with the assistance of volunteers from Make-A-Wish Foundation while a sumptuous lunch was arranged by the hotel’s In Room Dining team to ensure the family could also spent some private time together in the room. A visit to the Universal Studious in Singapore was also on the cards during their stay which was organized by Make-A-Wish-Foundation. The Human Resources team led by HR Manager, Joycelyn Koh and Learning Manager, Vereen Leow put together a goodie bag which included handheld fans, sun screens, caps and mineral water bottles so that the family could take it with them during their day trip to Universal Studios.

On the day of their arrival, Amalina was whisked to the hotel by a bright yellow Lamborghini sports car and was welcomed at the hotel door by a welcome line formed by ladies and gentlemen from various departments at the hotel. Amalina and her family were then escorted to their suite and were given personalized treatment befitting a royalty during their entire stay at the hotel.

Amalina wrote a thank you card to the hotel team for making her stay so memorable:

“Thank you for making my wish came true….. I really love this place. Thank you so much!”

 The hotel also received a card from Karen Fernandez, CEO of Make-A-Wish Singapore:

“Mark, once again, thank you so very much for making Amalina’s wish so magical. It’ll be a long treasured memory for her and her family. You and your team were just brilliant and the attention to each and every detail that you all put in for the family speaks volumes for your care, dedication and genuine desire to helping others and to making them feel truly special. We are truly grateful to have your wonderful support and generosity.”   


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