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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事——A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自普拉湾丽思卡尔顿精品度假村的真诚关怀——Genuine Care from Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

          在一个阳光明媚的下午,Kaew小姐接到一个来自Callicotte Jeffrey太太的水疗预约,她想做一个60分钟的泰式足部按摩。当客人到达水疗中心时,Kaew小姐注意到,客人的双脚都是浮肿的。与客人交谈过后,我们意识到客人患有骨髓水肿综合征(在皮下组织渗出的液体中有浮肿现象)。客人行走不便,需要拐杖的支撑。理疗师Supaporn小姐协助客人走到理疗室。她尝试改变她的按摩方式以适应客人的情况。总体来说,泰式足部按摩是从脚到膝盖的按摩的一种按摩。然而,Supaporn小姐决定通过按摩客人的整个腿部,并利用淋巴排毒按摩,一种并不属于泰式足部按摩的技术来促进血液循环。(淋巴排毒按摩一般只包括在臀部和大腿治疗中。)Callicotte太太感受到了当中的关怀。在按摩期间,她哭了。Supaporn小姐很努力地让客人平静下来,才继续为她按摩。理疗结束之后,Supaporn小姐扶着客人到接待处。客人对水疗中心前台接待说,刚刚的按摩实在是太棒了,让她深深感动,并带走了疼痛。客人于是带着幸福离开了水疗中心。



In the afternoon of a sunny day, Ms. Kaew got a phone call for spa appointment from Mrs. Callicotte Jeffrey for Thai Foot massage 60 minutes. When the guest arrived at spa, Khun Kaew noticed that both of her legs were swollen.  

After a consultation process, we realized that the guest has edema symptom (A swelling from effusion of watery fluid in the cellular tissue beneath the skin). She found it difficult to walk and needed to use a walking stick. Ms. Supaporn, her therapist helped her walk to the treatment room. She tried to adapt her massage techniques to the guest conditions and symptoms. Generally, Thai Foot massage is performed from feet to knee. However, Ms. Supaporn made a decision to massage the whole legs to increases blood circulation and used lymphatic drainage massage, a technique to implement the result as well. (Usually Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique is not included in Thai Foot Massage. It is an individual massage or included in a Hip & Thigh Treatment.)

Mrs. Collicotte felt a sense of emotion. She cried during the treatment. Ms. Supaporn tried to comfort her before continuing the massage. After she finished the treatment, Ms. Supaporn supported her to the reception area. The guest mentioned to the Spa receptionist that the massage was amazing and brought her to tears, and the massage took away the pain. The guest left the spa with so much happiness!

The day after, February 21st, 2013, Ms. Patt, Spa Manager invited Mrs. Callicotte for the second spa treatment. Mrs. Callicotte arrived at the spa with Mr. Tee, her personal butler who always arranges spa appointment for the guest. We recommended wrap treatment that was beneficial to her symptoms and improved circulatory system and followed by Thai Foot massage. Ms. Supaporn provided an outstanding treatment that tailored to her individual needs. Mrs. Callicotte was crying again during her treatment. After finishing the treatment, Ms. Supaporn escorted her to the reception area and served her healthy juice. Mrs. Callicotte was really appreciated what we had done for her. She brought her own camera to take photos with Ms. Supaporn and Spa team. Before she left, she gave a big hugs to Ms. Supaporn and was thankful to the spa team for the most wonderful spa experience she has ever had.



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