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22 posts from January 2013


丽思卡尔顿与您一起成长之校园故事——Let Us Grow With You Campus Story from The Ritz-Carlton

深圳丽思卡尔顿酒店与北京师范大学-香港浸会大学联合国际学院的学生之交流活动 Industry Round Table with College students --- The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen




Students from United International College were invited to visit The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen. Guidance team warm welcomed them and conducted hospitality introduction lecture to them, followed by a hotel tour specially arranged for them to further experience Hospitality Industry. Finally, an Italian Dinning Etiquette lecture was delivered by our Italian Restaurant Manager, together with a food safety program provided by our Executive Chef, of course, the most exciting part is the healthy cuisine tasting in the fine dinning Italian restaurant, Paletto.

After this industry round table, the students are full of passion toward hospitality industry and all expressed that they would join Ritz-Carlton very soon after their graduation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Ritz-Carlton family, UIC young talents, let us grow with you.


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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 —— My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自新加坡美年丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事 —— A Career Story from The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore






 My name is Shady. I began my career as a trainee in 2002 at Greenhouse of The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore. In 2004, I was transferred to Restaurants Reservations. Throughout my time with The Ritz-Carlton, I have worked hard with my passion and shown much professionalism. I have clinched the 5 Star Frontier Award in 2005 and helped in training and coaching the new Management Associates. With my keen eye for details, I have established an e-library on promotions and price comparisons of competitors for the reference of her Food & Beverage team. 

In 2008, I helped the hotel achieve outstanding results for food and beverage’s events and promotion with higher profit margins compared to 2007. Today, I am Food and Beverage Promotions Manager.

I strong believe I would have more career opportunities in the Ritz-Carlton company.

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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自雅加达太平洋广场丽思卡尔顿酒店的精彩的一天——One Fine Day for the Heroes of The Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta Pacific Place





One fine Saturday, a long staying guest went for a boat outing to an island located 90 minutes away from the main shore of Jakarta. Halfway, their 6 years old son had a seizure with strong convulsions and hallucinations in the middle of the sea. As this had never happened before, they were simply terrified. In total panic for this sudden dangerous situation and not knowing who else to contact, guest contacted the hotel and our GM, Karim Tayach.

Hotel team immediately went into action and organized the emergency measures by contacting different hospitals for an ambulance. Our MOD, Yuniati and EAM FB, Patrick Weder got the hotel nurse and jumped into a taxi to reach the harbor where the guests were heading back to. Hotel team was constantly in touch with the guest’s family as well as the ambulance.

As soon as guest arrived to the shore, the hotel team and the ambulance were on standby and immediately took the kid to the hospital. Patrick and the guests hopped into the ambulance while Yuni followed them with a taxi. Unexpectedly, there was a parade on their way to the hospital that caused heavy traffic jam. In this critical situation, Patrick jumped off the ambulance and arranged the traffic by himself to make way for the ambulance.

When they reached the hospital, the hotel team assisted the family to pass this difficult emotional moment as well as to co-ordinate with the local hospital about the proper medical care and action to be taken. At the same time, the General Manager escorted the family’s close friends from hotel to the hospital and ensured everything was under control. The Ladies & Gentlemen further assisted with the insurance papers, administration, the translation with the medical team, and even served some drinks to soothe the distressed family.

Initial tests were conducted and results were satisfactory. However the family decided to further continue the tests in main Jakarta hospital since the kid had his file and pediatrician there. Yuni escorted the family to the destined hospital and assisted them throughout the day. While waiting for the kid to come home, the GRA team prepared a full range of amenities including his favorite fruits, a Get Well Soon card signed by several L&G, and his favorite Dinosaurs toys.

The guests and his family expressed their gratitude by sending an email, saying

While no words can possibly express our feelings of deepest appreciation for what you have done, we felt that we must send you all a "Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts" note in order to set the record straight. Not only an ambulance and nurse was arranged immediately, but also top management also showed up at the ER and supported us throughout this dreadful situation... I don't think we can ever thank you enough... What I do know, however, is that what you all have done for us cannot simply be taken for granted as part of your customer service. This sort of care can only be delivered by your closest of friends and family. What we lived through yesterday was awful, yet we are indeed comforted by your presence and care.

Thank you for being our family and making our home away from home.”

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丽思卡尔顿之社区公益活动故事 - Community Footprints Wow Story from Ritz-Carlton


Bicycle Riding Program --- The Ritz-Carlton Guang Zhou









Slide2Slide3  Slide1Community Footprints is the part of Ritz-Carlton Culture. The purpose of this Community Footprints is to protect the environment & promote the low-carbon lifestyle. And this program is a first-time initiate this year in our hotel. Over 50 Ladies & Gentlemen (L&G) in our hotel participated this activity.


The activities include below part:

1. Taking metro from hotel to the Guangzhou University Town. (0.5 hour by subway)

2. Cycling around the university town. (1.5 hours)

3. Distribute the environment-friendly bags & bookmarks which were designed by our L&G to college students at the metro station. (0.5 hour)

4. Taking metro back to hotel. (0.5 hour)

We take this opportunity to show our community that protecting the environment can be very interesting, and it can be integrated into part of our daily life effortlessly. Our Guidance Team members and General Manager Mr. Rogers accompanied us throughout the entire journey. Numerous college students saw us and were deeply impressed in what our L&G were doing. Some of them approached us and asked about detailed information regarding this Community Footprint. Our L&G explain to them patiently and share with them some tips for the low-carbon lifestyle. Finally some college students expressed their wishes to join our future activity and become the “Green Volunteers”. We accomplished our objective in articulating the significance of environment conservation to the public and promoting a healthier lifestyle. We hope more and more L&G in Guangzhou could enjoy a low-carbon lifestyle.

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苏州万怡酒店“成功之路”(Gateways) 培训毕业庆典

Courtyard Suzhou Gateways Graduation
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Pursue Excellence追求卓越服务-- 来自广州正佳广场万豪酒店Steven的故事


Steven Wang, 广州正佳广场万豪酒店礼宾部行李员,他在工作期间,积极进取,用心为客服务!在前不久举行的交易会期间的某一天晚上,有一位国外来宾面戴口罩坐在酒店1楼JAVA+(大堂吧),而且还不时传来几声咳嗽声。Steven便上前细心询问,客人说感觉嗓子疼,可能还在发烧,但不知道该如何去医院,因为这是她第一次来中国,担心医生无法与其沟通。听到这里, Steven便主动向客人提出下班后带她前往医院就诊并充当外语翻译。夜晚11时, Steven为客人安排了一辆出租车,准备了饮用矿泉水,与客人一起前往广州市中山三院就诊。Steven一直忙到深夜1点半才与客人从医院返回酒店。回店后, Steven再次温馨提醒客人注意身体,并与客人道别,令客人非常感动。


Steven Wang, bell attendant of Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe. He is one of the outstanding associates of the hotel’s Pre-opening period. He was on-boarded on February 27th, 2012. He’s working at the very front line of the hotel—concierge, and believing that every one of hotel associates needs to be outgoing, nice, have smile on the faces all the time, to create excellent service for our guests. In work place, he greets every guest, opens doors for them, and helps them with luggage. There was one particular story in one night during the recent Canton Fair : he saw a foreign guest sitting in JAVA+ (Lobby Lounge) with a mask, coughing from time to time. Steven was thinking that maybe the guest was not feeling well then he went up to check on her, the guest told him that she’s feeling sick and maybe having a fever, but don’t know how to get to the hospital, neither to communicate with the Chinese doctors. Then Steven suggested that he can take her to the hospital and see a doctor, he could be the translator as well. The guest was touched and overwhelmed to say thank you. Then later that night at around 11:00pm, he took a taxi with the guest to go to hospital, and accompanied the guest back to make sure she was fine till 1:30am.

Steven loves working at Marriott because he loves serving guests and see smile and good surprise on their faces. Steven will continue his good work and pursue excellence is his ultimate goal. 



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丽思卡尔顿之优质服务故事A Wow Story of Service Excellence

来自首尔丽思卡尔顿酒店的终生难忘的结婚纪念日——A Memorable Wedding Anniversary of The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul




Jace Kim, Club Lounge agent was pleased to see a familiar face in the lounge. It was a guest she had met not long before in the lobby. This time the guest was holding a beautiful bunch of roses as well as a card. He said he had to ask Jace a favor, which was to look after the flowers and card for around 20 minutes. Through communication, Jace learned that this day was his 15th wedding anniversary.

Jace decided to prepare a special moment for this guest and his wife. With only 20 minutes, she swung into action. Firstly, she contacted Hyun-ho Lim from pastry, and asked him to prepare a beautiful cake. Her colleague, Sally Park, got together a bottle of champagne, fruit, cookies and chocolates. With Hyun-ho Lim's help, Jace wrote the couple a congratulatory message on a heart-shaped piece of white chocolate. The couple arrived at the lounge shortly afterwards and were astonished to see the specially prepared table. It was totally unexpected for both of them! They were considerably moved by the event that the Ladies at the Ritz-Carlton, Seoul had prepared for them in the space of just 20 minutes.

The wife thanked her husband and the Club Lounge staff profusely. The husband explained how touched he was the way the staff prepared the happy moment in such an instant, just as if preparing for their own anniversary. What’s important, they had been to several hotels, they said, but The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul, was special in that it always provided unforgettable experiences. They said they wanted to spend all of their future wedding anniversaries at The Ritz-Carlton.

Jace received the following email after the couple’s departure: “Thank you Jace. Your adorable smile and your lovely efforts made our anniversary special. It will always be remembered. Thank you for all your help!!!! You are the best. Thank you so much.”

First class to Jace, for anticipating guests’ unexpressed wishes and creating Ritz-Carlton guest for life!


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丽思卡尔顿之社区公益活动故事 - Community Footprints Wow Story from Ritz-Carlton

日本东京丽思卡尔顿‘圣诞许愿树’公益活动 ---- Xmas Wish Tree from The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

 在2012年12月1日,东京丽思卡尔顿的绅士淑女们邀请了25位来自希望之家的孩子们来到酒店。 这些孩子的年龄大多在6到15岁之间,他们或是由于家庭暴力不幸被父母遗弃,或是亲人都已不在人世的孤儿。酒店分别在大堂入口和员工的入口装点了6棵圣诞树并摆放了捐款箱。员工餐厅的厨师长还特意为孩子们准备了一顿特殊的午餐并由我们的绅士淑女们亲自为他们服务。孩子非常开心的享用着这些美食。午餐后我们的行政助理经理和孩子们分享了他的职业发展成功经历,同时询问着孩子们的梦想是什么,他告诉孩子们如果他们坚持自己的梦想,梦想就会成真。在12月24日,圣诞节当天,酒店饼房的厨师长特别为孩子们烘烤了各式各样的小饼干,并将这些小饼干分别包装好,同时附上亲手写的小卡片送到希望之家每一个孩子的手里。孩子们的圣诞愿望是可以将他们家园的设备设施维修好。酒店工程部的绅士淑女们将带着我们客人的捐助前往希望之家帮助孩子们实现这一愿望。东京丽思卡尔顿的绅士淑女们你们是一流的!

On Dec 1, our Ladies and Gentlemen invited 25 children from 2 foster homes the place where offer the asylum for the children from age 6 to 15 who had unfortunate separation from their parents due to domestic violence, abandoned, and bereavement.  We spent time together to decorate six Christmas trees to place in the main entrance and employee entrance of our hotel with donation box.  Our EDR chef also prepared special lunch and our Ladies and Gentlemen personally served the dish at our Employee Dining Room.  They were delighted and enjoyed the delicious meal. After the lunch our EAM shared his success career story and asked what his/her dreams are and assured they would come true if they keep wishing.  On Dec 24, our Pastry chef baked special cookies in many shapes and we gift-wrapped them with a personal message card for each child and delivered to the foster homes on Christmas day.  The Xmas wish from the children was to fix damaged/broken facilities at their foster homes.  Our Engineering Dept and Ladies & Gentlemen will visit the places to plan maintenance/betterment work with our own labor and donation offered from our generous guests.  First Class to our Succeed Thru Service team!


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我的丽思卡尔顿成长之旅 —— My Career Journey at The Ritz-Carlton

来自天津丽思卡尔顿酒店的职业发展故事 —— A Career Story from The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin






I’m Patrick, Executive Pastry Chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin. My Ritz-Carlton career journey started with The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore as pastry commis in 2000. By the end of 2002, I had the chance to transfer to The Ritz Carlton, Reynold Plantation in USA where I was later promoted as Pastry Sous Chef. Later in 2003, I was again transferred to The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong as Pastry Sous Chef. In 2006, I rejoined the company as an opening team member of the Bulgari Hotel & Resort, Bali.  In 2010, I was transferred to The Ritz Carlton, Shanghai Pudong as an opening team member in the position of Executive Pastry Chef. Two years later in 2012, I was transferred to The Ritz Carlton, Tianjin as yet another opening team member. After 11 years with the company, I feel glad and fortunate to have all the opportunities and challenges to grow with the Ritz Carlton.

I am truly inspired by the Gold Standards, foundation of our Company. It takes a lot of time to digest and understand the Gold Standards, yet they are my guiding principles. I keep reminding myself to practice them as an employee at work and as a person with my friends and family. They help me continuously learn and grow with the company.

The “Happiest Moment” for me is the fact that I always think “POSITIVE” when I am faced with challenging and difficult situation. Besides, I know I am working with good team members who are hard-working, supportive and keep motivating each other.

In my manager’s opinion, I’m a great leader who is very professional and open- minded on new projects. What’s important, he said that my reputation as a Pastry Chef was very well known in Asia and I was the one that paid much attention to quality at work and that was why he felt proud to work with me.


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10月12日,俄语宾客关系主管Alex Zubanov 在和来自俄罗斯的客人Mr. Michael Heimhilcher在沟通中无意得知他太太Ms. Spielauer 特别喜欢鲜花和各类植物。说者无心,听者有意,Alex 立刻开始思考如何给Ms. Spielauer带来惊喜——安排一次在马丁伯伯小花园的神奇之旅将是最好的选择。

Alex立即和园林经理Nigel Lin分享了这一想法,Nigel 十分赞同并主动提出亲自带领客人参观马丁伯伯小花园,以利于更详尽地向Ms. Spielauer介绍各种植物。然而完美的计划出现了第一个困难,Nigel不会说英文和俄语,和Alex,客人都存在着语言沟通障碍。但是Alex没有放弃,立即开始到其他部门寻找了解植物且英语较好的员工。别墅管家Violet充满热情地加入了这个团队,将Nigel的中文介绍翻译成英语,再由Alex翻译成俄语和客人沟通。


Mr. Michael Heimhilcher和Ms. Spielauer都非常感动,不禁感叹:金茂三亚丽思卡尔顿酒店不仅提供美好的假期,Alex, Nigel和Violet更是创造了一段尊享极致的体验,这张CD和回忆也将伴随他们一生。

Alex, Nigel, Violet 是一流的,他们预见了客人未表达的需求和愿望,为客人创造了独特的、终生难忘的回忆。


On Oct 12, Alex Zubanov learnt from Mr. Michael Heimhilcher that his wife Ms. Spielauer liked flowers and plants very much when he escorted them to the room. Alex decided to turn it into something special for this couple. Alex thought creatively and figured out a brilliant plan: to organize a meaningful educational tour in our “Uncle Martin’s Secret Garden” for Ms.Spielauer. Alex then spoke to Landscape Manager Nigel who happily agreed with the idea.

It sounded like a perfect plan, but Nigel didn’t speak any English, and Alex couldn’t speak Chinese as well! Alex didn’t give up the plan, but actively seek help from Live Leader Violet Li – to translate Chinese into English. Alex translated English into Russian for them. During the tour, Alex took pictures of the flowers and plants and work with Violet together to make a PPT with Chinese & English name of the plants that were shown to Ms Spielauer. Graphic Designer Will Li copied the PPT to a CD as a meaningful souvenir presented to the guests. Ms.Spielauer was very touched and said that she really had great time at our resort, and this CD allowed her to keep the beautiful memories and spectacular experience all the way home.

First class to Alex, Nigel, Violet and Will who went beyond the call of duty to create a WOW factor for our guests.

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